Play the Classic Solitaire card game in a nifty progressive web application

Game just started, on an Android smartphone
Night mode
On a tablet in landscape orientation
Turn 1 and turn 3 modes
Playing the turn-3 variant, on an iPhone 4
Almost there!
Dead-end detected! Playing on a laptop
On Windows in high-contrast display

Gameplay features

  • Finishable games only.
  • Draw one or draw three variant.
  • Intelligent hints. Detect if stuck.
  • Interact by drag&drop + double-tap.

App features

  • Minimal & lightweight.
  • Dark theme compatible.
  • Works on all types of devices.
  • 100% free, no ads until game over.

About the game

Solitaires (aka patiences) are a family of single-player games of concentration and skill. There are about placing playing cards in a certain layout, moving and sorting them according to given rules.

The specific game here is Klondike Solitaire, also known as Classic Solitaire or just Solitaire, the most popular type of Solitaire. To learn its rules, please refer to the “Klondike solitaire” Wikipedia article.

About the app is a progressive web app (or PWA for short). That means it’s simply a website that you access with your web browser. No download, just visit and you will be playing!

From there you can optionally install it to your device, to enjoy offline use and a better integration with the rest of your apps. That’s what’s progressive. Learn more about PWA in the “Progressive web application” Wikipedia article.

We hope you’ll like this Solitaire app! Feedback is welcome; email